"BETTER RIDE on Tour" Documentary wins award at South Dakota Film Festival

"Best Locally Made Film: is the award that was bestowed upon our documentary film "Better Ride on Tour." The film documents the story of the band and how it got it's start in the Fallout Creative Community. It follows the band on it's 2016 tour around South Dakota.

Watch "Better Ride on Tour"


The band Better Ride started in 2010 as a writing project that included people with developmental disabilities.  After lyrics of a handful of songs were written we decided to put the words to music.  After performing at a few open mic nights we began to open up for occasional traveling musical acts.  Eventually we were invited to perform at conferences, conventions, fairs and festivals.

Better Ride has an open door policy.  We invite everyone to join the band.  there are no auditions and no previous experience is required.  As a result we have about 15 core members and around 100 members at large.