Fallout Art & Music Festival The Fallout Art & Music Festivals are a slice of heaven. By bringing together a population of people of all ages and of diverse abilities with the intent to celebrate creativity and community by creating and feasting together we create a magical moment in time. The positive mission of this inclusive and accessible event rallies the support of many organizations and businesses to make this dream event a reality. Hours of vibrant colors and sounds, music and laughter provide a memory for people that will last a lifetime. It is the Fallout's hope that this experience will be a entry level experience that will lead people to live a vibrant life everyday full of creativity and the embracing of other cultures and types of people. We like to think of it as practice for a perfect world. u Hands-on Art Stations & Live Music (2 stages) u Kids Activities and Bounce Houses u Free Food u Magic Show, Games, Cultural Performances and much more


Downtown Main Street


September 5 2015

Saturday,  Memorial Day Weekend

PRE-PARTY: Friday Night




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