The Aberdeen

Fandom Alliance


is an off-shoot of the Fallout Creative Community


We believe in the power of story to make the world a better place.

We want to use our nerd/geek powers for good.


We are a new movement of local fans.

We are starting to form a community of proud fans who together will create activities designed to improve and empower the world around them and beyond.


We will start by planning parties with fandom themes

in order to

-  Have fun celebrating our favorite stories

-  Identify other fans and form relationships

-  Begin to incorporate positive community change into our fun activities.


Activities we have done:

-  Cosplay Parties

-  Harry Potter Parties

-  Star Wars Party  (coming Saturday April 1 2017)


In the future:

We are planning a local Comic-Con called


(September 9 on the Campus of NSU)

and other events.


We want to soon partner with the Harry Potter Alliance and other organizations to be a part of making big changes in the world.


If you are inspired in real life in a big way by fictitious characters

join the Fandom Alliance and together we will turn our fantasies into positive reality.