Accessible arts


The Fallout is a visible and vibrant arts community that

embraces people of all abilities to live creatively together.



The Fallout is a thriving community of

diverse creative people working together to make

art and creative events that imagine and

inspire a better world. We seek out

people who have been isolated from

creative opportunities due to physical,

social, mental, financial or other

circumstances and we adapt

ourselves to include them.



The Fallout is a diverse Community of

People that find common ground in

Collaborative Creativity.



We are different people (gender, age, cultures,

class, abilities, etc.) exploring varied art

disciplines (visual arts, music, literary arts,

performance, dance, film and others)

coming together to support each other's

creative development and to

collaborate to imagine, inspire and create

wonderful art and a beautiful world.



We reach out to all people especially

those who normally have limited

opportunity to connect with community

and to experience creativity (people with

disabilities, at risk youth, seniors, those

with financial challenges etc.). We create

projects that will bridge people with

barriers to creative experiences. We treat

people who need assistance and mentor-

ing not as someone to be pitied but as

creative partners. When people with

special needs are empowered through

creative experience they can become a

source of inspiration and a resource to

others in the creative community. We see

the creative experience not just as

therapy, recreation or entertainment, but

as a critical means of articulate self-

expression and connection to others.


examples of events and programs:

- Art & Music Parties featuring free food and art supplies

- Theme Parties and Dances

- Film Projects & Film Fests

- Karaoke & Open Mic Nights

- Kids Activities

- Art Exhibitions

- Music writing, recording, performing and touring

- Art & Music Party tour

"we adapt ourselves to include everyone"

"we treat everyone as creative partners"