The Fallout Art & Music Tour

is a smaller version of our festivals trimmed down to fit in a trailer and brought to communities around the state.  A tour stop features Hand-on Art stations, Mural Painting, Live Music, Short Film Fest, Kids Activities and more.


We intentionally invite people of all ages and abilities to join in on the fun with the goal to have a diverse crowd.


The heart of the Fallout is diversity and inclusion.  From that heartbeat “Hope of Dreams” was created.  A group of Fallout members with developmental disabilities were meeting to plan events and projects.  The name they chose for themselves is “Hope of Dreams.”  Out of this group came many unique opportunities for people with disabilities to have a creative voice and to interact with creative folks with a variety of abilities.  Some activities of the projects included art creation and exhibitions. involvement in all areas of film making (including winning film awards at local competitions and being selected for the SD Film Festival), creative writing projects that included getting works published as well as planning and putting on many fun and unique events such as themed parties and dances.


The project that has brought the group the most fame is the band Better Ride.  The band was birthed in 2010 after some lyrics that were written by Hope of Dreams members were put to music and performed at an open mic night.  While the there are about a dozen singers in the band’s core members it’s  “open door policy” (anybody can join the band) caused membership levels to multiply as they performed around the state with the Fallout’s Art & Music Tour and at other events.  The band now boasts over 100 members strong and growing.


Better Ride has launched a fundraiser to support a new album, tour and the Art & Music Party Tour.  Please check out the FUNDRAISER PAGE

2017 Tour:

May 27:


 Art & Bicycle Spectacle


June 1:


Pioneer park


Sioux Falls

Total drag


June 2:

Sioux Falls

 Downtown Block Party


June 7:

NSU - Aberdeen

 Youth Leadership Forum


AUgust 2:


 OAHE Inc.




independent living choices




Centenial PaRK